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The Goldfinch
Theo, the main character, lives with his mother, who is taking him to the MOMA to kill time before an important meeting at his school to discuss his recent suspension on unfair grounds. His attention is caught by a young girl about his own age, with a man Theo supposes is her grandfather. Unbelievably, his mother leaves him momentarily to run to the gift shop while he continues to look at the art, and at that moment a bomb goes off, killing several peopl...
The Secret History
At Hampden College in New England, Californian student Richard Papen decides to study to Classics. The Classics course is taught by well-connected erudite Julian who teaches fatherly a small group of hand-picked students. This clique of students is made up of wealthy trust-funded Henry, rich homosexual Francis, possibly bi-sexual Charles and his pretty twin sister Camilla and Bunny who blags money off them all. Richard is weakly accepted into the gr...

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