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A Feral Darkeness
Brenna Fallon, as a child, once asked an ancient Celtic deity--Mars Nodens, known as Nuada Silverhand, lover of dogs(Cardigan Welsh Corgis especially)--to prolong the life of a beloved pet, an old hound, who then lived years beyond expectation. Now grown, Brenna is a dog groomer, facing an ancient evil, with a mysterious Corgi named Druid and a Basque friend, Gil Masera, to help. The stakes are high: a potentially deadly epidemic threatening theworld ...
Feral Darkness
When she was a little girl, Brenna Fallon loved her pet dog more than anything. She couldn't bear the thought of his death, but she knew that he was getting old. She read about an ancient god named Mars Nodens, who was said to favor dogs and decided that she would ask him to let her dog live longer. Unfortunately, her prayer was answered... Years later, Brenna discovers that she opened a gateway of power by a spring on her property - a gateway that c...
Gene Roddenberry's Earth Final Conflict: Heritage
Tor, Dec 2001, 14.95, 350 pp. ISBN: 076530208X Liam Kincaid knows how complex life can get as he is the Protector of the Taelon Companion Da'an and leads the underground human resistance to the aliens. With all that already pressing on his shoulders, Liam also struggles to contain his power that he gained from an alien ancestor. Taelon's Synod leader Zo'or discharges a virus that harms thousands of humans in an opening ploy of a deadl...
Wolverine's Daughter
Kelyn is a young, female barbarian who is plagued by moments of bizarre clumsiness. The local wisewoman tells her that in order to cure herself, she must go to the civilized world and find her father, a legendary warrior known as the Wolverine. Civilization proves to be a great challenge to the young barbarian, and she soon has lots of problems helping witches who are being persecuted by a local lord. That is when she learning a surprising secret abou...

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