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The Fifth Child
A middle-class couple becomes social parasites living off the money of his father to be a happy, perfect family living in a mansion paid for by the father. All goes as "planned" with their first four children but with the pregnancy of the fifth child the mother turns psycho and the child becomes a "freak" to the family. It is a constant struggle between the main family and the extended family on how to go back to normal with a weird child....
The Golden Notebook
The Golden Notebook is a long, wonderful, complicated novel about a middle-aged writer named Anna. Her world is a confusing and emotionally intense world of lovers, leftist politics, and the dilemma of being what she calls a "free woman." After publishing a book that was commercially successful, but unworthy by Anna's standards, and being abandoned by a lover, Anna must try to salvage her identity as a woman and as a writer. Predictably, this causes a ne...
The Good Terrorist
This novel is about a group of unemployed, idealistic left-wing political activists who share a communal house in London. They are a bunch of misfits who blame society for their misfortunes, and are drawn into increasingly violent political/terrorist action. The main character, a woman of 36, has an unsatisfactory relationship with a younger man who is basically homosexual. She is emotionally dependant upon him, though apparently strong in other areas o...