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The Hour Before Dark
When they were children, they played the Dark Game. It was a mental exercise that their Father, Gordie Raglan had taught them. A way of going outside of yourself in a sense and something that he had found very useful while being a POW. The rule is that you cannot play the Dark Game when it is night or the game will become real. The best time to play is the hour before dark. After playing the game in the smokehouse, the three children experienced a week o...
The Infinite
This mansion is said to be haunted because of all the tragedy that has taken place there through the years. First it was owned by a madman then it became a school. There was a fire that caused the school to close down. Ivy is feels she is being drawn to this empty house to awaken whatever it is that causes all these tragedies. She and Jack get together and hire a group of strangers with special abilities to bring forth what lies sleeping in this house. O...