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All Families Are Psychotic
Girlfriend In A Coma
Richard's 80's time capsule of post high-school love for his girlfriend Karen is shattered by Karen's coma and more vitally, the End of The World As We Know It. The hyper scary post-apocalyptic experience of Karen, himself and his friends, those 'left behind'- with all the responsibility and power that involves - is where the real search for meaning and truth occurs, aided by their late friend Jared, with great philosophy and spiritual soul-searching. ...
Hey Nostradamus!
The main character, Jason, is a survivor of a high school shooting who has to deal with the fallout of the tragedy and its effects on his personal relationships. “Hey Nostradamus!” is divided into four sections, with a different character narrating each section. Section #1: Narrated by Cheryl. The story opens with a Columbine-like school massacre. One of the victims, 17 year old Cheryl, had secretly married her high school sweetheart Jason ju...
Seven programmers working in Microsoft head off to form their own company and create software. The novel describes their everyday lives in a journal entry form, from their odd discussions to their jobs as programmers, which allows them no life. ...

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