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The Goddess Worldweaver
Ace, March 2003, 14.95, 368 pp. ISBN 0441010121 The cosmos consists of seven circles with the seventh being Earth and the fourth being the pastoral land of Nayve where sentient species live in harmony. The Goddess Worldweaver spins a tapestry that records all events that happen on all the circles. Druids, humans, fairies, elves, centaurs, dwarves and other fey creatures work together to make Nayve a center of culture and learning. Their peace ...
The Kagonesti
The elves of Kyrnn are the most long-lived creatures inhabiting their world. This race is divided into two kinds, the house elves who live in self-constructed cities, and the wild elves who prefer to live in the forests. This book tells us in 3 parts about the history of the Kagonesti, the tribe of wild elves named after the first leader, Kagonos, who had been summoned by a silver dragon and given a ram's horn as a symbolic means of his leadership. The s...
World Fall
Ace, Sept 2001, 14.95, 368 pp. ISBN: 0441008550 The world is composed of seven circles with the last one known as Earth and the fourth one called Nayve, a bucolic poster world. Harmoniously co-existing with no knowledge of war in Nayve are druids, fairies, elves and other creatures. Three centuries ago, it was foretold that Nayve was going to come under attack so the druid Miradel called a dying warrior Natac from Earth so he can assemble a...