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Never Say Never
Three friends try and make sense of their poor choices in men. This is the story of three women who love hard. They can't seem to find the right man to appreciate their emotional commitment to the relationships. Emotional overload with bad feelings follow their choice in men. For Reesa it is clear to everyone that Simon is not her soul mate. He doesn't have a job, she does. She's a high powered financial analyst who supports him emotionally and financi...
Three couples lose their friendship over infidelity and fight their way back to becoming comfortable with themselves and each other. Mike is a player and his wife Mya is onto his game. A fifteen minute store run turns into an hour. Enough time for him to have a quickie with one his side pieces. He uses his job as a police officer 'an explanation for the many times he is late. His job and being a good peace officer who has to help citizens out whether he...