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Life, Death and Bialys
As Flip Schaffer approached the end of his life from metastic cancer, he invited his semi-estranged adult son to join him in New York City at an upscale baking class designed for aspiring chefs. Mostly to humor his father, Dylan agreed. Seven months later the class is scheduled to begin and although he heads off to join his father, Dylan is not at all sure he is prepared for the experience. Memoirs can be tricky. Eccentric pastry chefs; the crowded...
Misdemeanor Man
Gordon Seegerman, the hero of this debut novel, is an attorney. He works on the lowest level of the public defender's office dealing with misdemeanors, and he has no ambition to get any higher in the legal hierarchy. He is the "misdemeanor man" and seemingly proud of it, and he is obsessed with Barry Manilow. In his spare time, he sings with a Manilow cover band. Gordon is given the case of Harold Dunn, a mild mannered book keeper and rehabilit...