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A Love Of My Own
Zola Norwood is an up and coming editor at an African American magazine. When Zola meets media mogul Davis McClinton on board an airplane flight, Zola's life takes an unexpected turn. After Davis has Zola's seat upgraded to first class so that she can sit next to him, the two end up talking about Zola's dreams of starting her own magazine, Urban Soul. By the end of the flight, Davis has convinced Zola to come work for him and start up his new magazine...
Abide With Me
This book continues the adventures of Raymond Tyler Jr. as he navigates his way through professional life as an attorney and his private life as a gay man. It also chronicles the (mis)adventures of his circle of friends. As the novel begins Raymond has just been offered a federal judgeship position, which pleases him to no end. Finally, he feels as if all the long, hard hours of work have begun to pay off. It isn't long before Raymond realizes that in...
Invisible Life
This book is an exciting look into someone's heart and soul on their way to self discovery. It shows the ups and downs of life for an average everyday male,who's greatest struggle is himself and his sexual preference. This book will leave you feeling lucky and honored that you were able to view this character's coming of age in love,death,and self awareness....
Not A Day Goes By
The book centers around the relationship between former football stud Basil and up and coming broadway Diva Yancey. The relationship seems down the road to wedding bliss, but the haunting paths of both lovers creep back to maybe spoil what would be pefection....

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What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
E. Lynn Harris reveals the ups and downs of his life on his road to success as a best-selling author. Harris begins with his humble Arkansas beginnings as the only son in a family of six. The author opens up in detailing his early years that were filled with physical abuse from his stepfather, trying to be accepted by peers, and jockeying questions about his own sexuality. The writer also tells about his severe depression, conflicts with work, bouts...

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