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A Perilous Power
Tor, Jan 2004, 19.95, 288 pp. ISBN 0765308597 In the village of Amesley, seventeen year old Trevor Blake has won a scholarship to the university, much to the dismay of Mistress Hanley, who believes her daughter should have won it. Trevor and his friend Les Simonton visit Trevor's uncle and the neighbors catch them practicing Magic. With a little skilled magic the neighbors forget what they saw and Trevor is forced to give up his scholarship oth...
A School for Sorcery
Tor, Sept 2002, 19.95, 315 pp. ISBN 0765302896 Tria has resigned herself to working on a farm and marrying a farmer but thanks to the machinations of her mother she is going to the Simonton School for the Magically Gifted. When she first arrives she is very disappointed because it is a run down place with few students. Her roommate is a selfish, conniving and untrustworthy minx who gets out of work duty and sets one boy against another. Over...