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Charlie Chan Carries On
An American tourist named Hugh Morris Drake is murdered in his room at Broome's Hotel in London during the night. Chief Inspector Duff of Scotland Yard investigates the crime. Duff learns that the victim was a member of the Lofton Round, The World Tour. The only clues are a hearing aid, a safe deposit box key and a bag full of small stones. All of the members of the tour are suspects including Dr. Lofton, Max Minchin, Captain Ronald Keane and John Ross. ...
The Black Camel
Movie star Sheila Fane arrives in Honolulu to shoot the few remaining sequences of a movie. She rents a house on the beach. When Sheila throws a big party, she is found murdered in the pavilion just before she is scheduled to make her grand entrance. Charlie Chan is assigned to the case. Tarneverro, a fortuneteller and former friend of the deceased, offers to help Charlie solve the murder. Charlie and Tarneverro arrive at the scene before the guests depa...
The House Without A Key
Charlie Chan is introduced in Chapter VII of this first book of the popular series about an oriental detective from Honolulu. Although playing a minor role in the beginning, Charlie asserts himself by the end of the case. John Quincy Winterslip, a young lawyer from Boston, is on a trip to Hawaii to visit a wealthy relative, Dan Winterslip. En route he is asked to find and destroy an ohia wood box which is in the attic of Dan's San Francisco house. He ...