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Poverty Bay
This is a series featuring Thomas Black, a private detective. He used to work for the Seattle police department. Initially he is hired to find a missing "kid" (about 20 years old) named Lance Tyner, who has recently inherited $15 million from his grandfather. The grandfather aced out his own son, Lance's father, and his other two grandchildren. The kid's father Martin is especially eager to find him because the kid was showing signs of sharing the mo...
Ballantine, August 2004, 24.95, 283 pp. ISBN 0345462882 Seattle firefighter Neil Wolf lost his life in a fire started by a serial arsonist a pyromaniac who was never caught even though he set several fires. Neal's wife couldn't cope with the loss of her husband and turned to alcohol and men to ease her pain. She took up with Alfred who abused her and her children until the day he knifed her to death several times on the kitchen floor. The two ...
The Smoke House
Jason Gum, who goes by the nickname "Gum" or "Juicy Fruit" is a Seattle firefighter assigned to Engine 29. At the outset of the story, he misses a call to a fire because he's having sex in the firehouse basement with an older woman, Iola Pederan. Belatedly, he rushes in his own car to the fire where he is able to join his crew, who covered for his absence. Gum rescues a woman from the fire and then dashes in to get a man who is pronounced dead at the s...
Vertical Burn
Ballantine, Apr 2000, 24.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0345445899 In Seattle, veteran firefighters John Finney and Bill Cordifies are searching for trapped people inside a nasty fire at Leary Way when a wall collapses. Bill is pinned under a segment of the wall so John goes after help. He finds Fire Chief Charlie Reese and firefighter Robert Kub. They follow John's directions, but return empty-handed. Afterward, Charlie tells the press that John pani...

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