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Beethoven: The Universal Composer
Written by Pulitzer-Prize winning author Edmund Morris, Beethoven: The Universal Composer is a look at the man and music of Beethoven. It covers the cirumstances around his birth and how he grew to be a child prodigy: his ancestry of two generations of singers shows that music was in his blood. It also shows his ill health, his hearing loss, and his flirtations and love: in love with his doctor's daughter Therese Malfatti who rejects him. The book also e...
Dutch is the story of Ronald Reagan's life from his childhood through his presidency. Morris leaves out very little. He talks about Reagan's college life, his stint as a sports caster, his acting career, his union presidency, and his complete political career in Sacramento and Washington, DC. Reagan's personal life is also covered--both his first marriage to Jane Wyman and his second to Nancy. Perhaps the most controversial aspect of this book is...
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
"The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" begins with Roosevelt's ancestors and childhood and takes him through his election to the Vice-Presidency. A sickly child, Rooseveldt worked hard to develop his physical strength and stamina. Eventually he became a great outdoorsman. He went out west to successfully try his hand at ranching and became something of a legend. Morris covers his political career as crusading reform police commissioner and governor of New ...
Theodore Rex
Edmund Morris writes an exhaustive book about the presidency of Teddy Roosevelt. Viewed as one of the greatest American presidents, his legacy of progressivism has held up over the century since his administration. He widely traveled the nation and the world. Roosevelt lived on the land as a rancher and homesteader, was a sportsman, philanthropist, scholar and avid reader, cavalry commander and consumate politician. He was the first president to ...

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