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The American Dream
In this dark comedy, Albee presents us with an American family, Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma. The dysfunction between the character is grossly apparent. As a dominating Mommy emasculates the Daddy and the Grandma is packing up so the long feared *van man* can take her away, Mrs. Barker comes to the door but no one really knows why she is there. In the midst of the chaos, the american dream arrives. He is a handsome, beautiful, shell of a man devoid of feeli...
The Zoo Story
The Zoo Story is a confrontation between middle-class America and the outcasts of society. Set in central park, Peter, an average American, is confronted by Jerry, a lonely man from the wrong side of the park. Jerry tries to teach Peter the realities of life that Peter has tried to ignore. He tries to teach Peter the nature of human existence and relationships. Through a serious of failed conversations and misinterpretations of the act of love, Jerry beg...
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
George, a college professor, gets back home with his wife Martha very late at night from a faculty party. She tells him she has invited a new professor and his wife, so that they can get to know them better. They are Nick and Honey, a younger and more vivacious couple, and they arrive promptly. Martha starts seducing Nick and ridiculing George, who answers back, leading to a series of ackward events, games and jokes that make Nick uncomfortable, while ...