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This is the story of a girl who is kidnapped and the scenarios that occur that can either kill her or keep her alive. In the near and distant future the protection and welfare of individuals is at the utmost concern. The biggest and most developing crime in America in 2035 will be kidnapping. In this book Edward Bloor writes of a young girl named Charity Meyers and her unsuspected kidnapped that leaves everything about the world she knew in question. As ...
Paul is a teenager who lives at home with his distracted dad and his mean brother and his mom. He has just moved to this home in Tangerine and has started the school year. What is special about Paul is that he is legally blind. He can see with his glasses on, but without them he cannot. His brother told him that he stared into a solar eclipse when he was a kid an that is what messed up his eyesight. He tries out for soccer at his school, and...