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Choice of the Cat
Roc, May 2004, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN 0451459733 It has been forty-five years since the Kurians invaded Earth. The world as it once was no longer exists as mankind devolved into a medieval age because machinery for the most part no longer exists. The Kurians are safely ensconced in their fiefdoms all over the world sending Reapers to feed on human essences that are sent back to them. There remains packets of human resistance, assisted by the Lifew...
Dragon Avenger
This is the second book of the Age of Fire series. Book 1, “Dragon Champion,” focused on Auron, one of the two dragon hatchlings who survived an attack on their cave. Auron used himself as a bait to give his sister, Wistala, a chance to escape. This second book begins at the same point, with dwarfs and elves bursting into the dragon cave, but it centers on Wistala. Seizing the opportunity given to her by her brother, Wistala runs away and goes to look...
Dragon Champion
Auron is a scaleless young dragon who lives in a world populated with elves, dwarfs, and humans, mostly hostile to his species. Auron is only a hatchling who cannot yet fly or breathe fire, which, combined with his having no scales, leaves him more vulnerable than his littermates. However, gray dragons like him who do not covet gold are considered a rarity, so Auron is the pride of the litter. Auron, his brother and two sisters live in a dragon cave w...