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Blessing in Disguise
In this book you'll get to know Grace and Nola, who were worlds apart from each other. Grace, the child of a powerful senator, enjoyed a life of genteel affluence in Georgia, and Nola, who is a black woman, determined to succeed as an architect, lives in the ghetto neighborhood in D.C. They are distant, yet they have been tied to each other by a terrible secret of guilt and shame. The truth that has shadowed them for so long is about to reveal that lo...
Garden of Lies
Sylvie is the young wife of a wealthy man. She is about to give birth, and she prays that the baby is her husband's, and not a result of her passionate affair with the gardener, Nikos. She goes into labor unexpectedly one day, and is taken to a different hospital than planned, when her husband is out of town. Unfortunately the baby looks exactly like Nikos, and nothing like her husband. Sylvie is not sure what to do. When the hospital burns down, she...
Stranger In Paradise
A forty-eight year old widow's passion for a man almost twenty years younger than her threatens everything she holds dear-her daughters' love most of all. Especially after she discovers she is pregnant. Each daughter has her own problem with their mothers choice. For Alice, this love affair is a violation of her fathers memory. And for Laura, who was recently divorced, partly due to the fact that she couldn't conceive, the irony of the situation is painf...
Taste of Honey
With Carson Springs still reeling from Samantha Kiley's romance with a charismatic younger man, her best friend, Gerry Fitzgerald, fires up the town with another scensational scandal. The child Gerry gave up for adoption twenty-eight years ago-and kept a secret from her two children and ex-husband-has come back into her life looking for answers. Now a successful attorney engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Claire Brewster defied her parents to go lookin...

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Thorns of Truth
This sequel to "Garden of Lies" picks up twenty years later when Rose's son announces his engagement to Rachel's emotionally fragile daughter. A worried Rose goes to her mother Sylvie for help. Sylvie is unable to help because it would mean letting the world know that she switched Rose and Rachel at birth, and she is Rachel's adoptive mother and Rose's biological mother. Meanwhile, the recently widowed Rose must also cope with her husband's loss and ...

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