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All Rivers Run to the Sea
Nobel-Laureate Elie Wiesel divides his memoirs into 10 segments starting with his childhood in Transylvania in the 1930's and ending in present-day Jerusalem. He is haunted by dreams of his dead family; his father and grandfather, his mother and grandmother and younger sister. After he was liberated from the concentration camp, Wiesel was sent to France where he received an education and recovered his religious fervor. Later, he became a journa...
And the Sea is Never Full
And the Sea is Never Full is the second half of Elie Wiesel's memoirs, covering 1969 through the present (mid-1990s). He discusses his role in political arenas, including President Carter's U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, President Reagan and the Bitburg affair, and his struggle on behalf of Soviet Jewry. His experiences of writing, speaking, family life, and the Nobel Prize are also discussed. Perhaps less personally-centered than All Rivers Run to the...
Night (Biography)
'Night' is Elie Wiesels' personal account of his experience of childhood in the death camps of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Born in a Hungarian ghetto, Elie was sent as a child to the Nazi death camps, and this book is his story of that atrocity; here he relates his childhood perceptions of an inhumanity that was as painful as it was absolute. Many rumours fly around the small villiage of Transyilvania where Elie lives. Then one day, out of nowhere, Ge...
Night (Literature)
This book details the horrors 15-year-old Elie Wiesel went through during his death camp experience. An extremely religious teen from childhood, he struggled with his religious beliefs during the Holocaust. While struggling to keep himself and his father alive, Elie also goes through severe religious struggles along with beatings, starvation, and disease. ...

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