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Beautiful Day
Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand, believe it or not, takes place completely within a long wedding weekend. Jenna's mother, Beth, when she realized she was going to die of ovarian cancer before seeing her youngest daughter married, wrote out a notebook full of explicit instructions for every detail. Everything from the color of the dresses, type of flowers, where to hold the rehearsal dinner and what to serve, where to hold the reception and what to serv...
Nantucket Nights
Dunne, Jun 2002, 23.95, 233 pp. ISBN: 0312283350 Every Labor Day weekend for the past two decades the three fortyish women drop everything to spend time together at Nantucket. Kayla Montero has four children and believes her wealthy husband probably has mistresses wherever he globally travels on business. Rich from investments Antoinette Riley enjoys her current “crazy sex" fling, but her daughter Lindsey, given up for adoption as a baby, has f...
The Blue Bistro
When 28 year old Adrienne Dealey arrives on the Island of Nantucket looking for seasonal work she's awestruck by the beauty of the seaside town. Having just been burned by her boyfriend, who stole all her money while she was living in Aspen, Adrienne is looking for a change of pace. When Adrienne asks some of the locals about finding seasonal work in Nantucket they refer her to the most exclusive restaurant in town, The Blue Bistro. Although Adrienne d...

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