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The Family Man
Henry Archer finds a way to reestablish a relationship with his step-daughter. Henry Archer desires to know his step-daughter Thalia better and a chance call from Thalia's gold-digging mother presents the opportunity. Twenty-five years have passed since Henry and Denise were together. When Denise left him she ripped out his heart not because she was exiting she was a gold digging witch, but because she took her daughter Thalia whom he adored and made it ...
The Pursuit of Alice Thrift
Random House, Jun 2003, 23.95 ISBN: 0679463135 Boston surgical intern Alice Thrift is a genius with an IQ in the stratosphere and a Harvard degree. Ray Russo is street educated dropped out. They meet when Ray pursues rhinoplastic surgery (a nose job). For a reason only he knows, sweet talking Ray courts the caustic Alice, known for her terrorist bedside manner. Shockingly, the brilliant Alice, after shunning Ray's pitch as nonsense, finally...