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Betnoni's Prophecy
Quiet Storm, 2002, 26.95, 355 pp. ISBN: 0971429693 After years of working with the lume plants that have exponentially killed their friends and family, the Shodites demand that their overseer Daka Redd provide a safe and healthy environment. Arrogant Redd ignores the demands. The Shodites go on strike, but Redd declares that his slaves have started hostilities. His spiritual advisor the Betnoni the Ver dala Ven warns him to heed the peoples' v...
Cobo's Quest
Quiet Storm ISBN: 0974408425 Golden eyed Ver dala Ven Cobo loves Jishni, but she married his brother Bail as state obligations compel her to acquiesce to the previously arranged marriage. Cobo and Jishni continue their taboo tryst until she says her vows to Bail. Jishni gives birth to a gold-eyed boy that means Cobo sired the lad as only a golden eyed Betnoni can procreate a golden-eyed child. Although Bail knows the truth, he accepts the infa...
The Last Gate
Merz's debut novel has all of the assurance of a master storyteller and her world-building skills are incredible as she takes you to the world of the Ver dala Ven, a magical race whose purpose is to guide people in wartorn world. You will enter a world of memorable cast of characters whose dreams, loves, conflicts and hatred will be as real as your own or as real as the latest tragedy on the evening news. You will enter the powerful country of Janti...