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Channeling Cleopatra
Ace, Feb 2002, 21.95, 256 pp. ISBN 0441008976 Ever since Leda Hubbard was a young girl, she wanted to be an Egyptologist and join an important dig there. She enlisted in the navy to obtain her education because she couldn't afford to pay for it any other way. By the time she left the military, Leda had a Ph.D. in forensic anthropology. She was adjusting to the idea that she would never fulfill her dram when she receives a mysterious ticket...
Cleopatra 7.2
Ace, Dec. 2004, 23.95, 336 pp. ISBN 044101206x A scientific breakthrough by the Helix Corporation allows the DNA of one person to be implanted in the body of another person; thereby two minds share the same body. Forensic anthropologist Leda Hubbard and Egyptologist Gabriella Forout share their bodies with the mind of Cleopatra. Once they find her final resting place, they transfer the sarcophagus, amulets, jewels and scrolls to the museum. Not...
The Godmother
Rose Samson makes a wish for "reinforcements" to help her charges and friends in Seattle. She gets a Godmother for the whole of Seattle who makes several changes in Rose's life. Urban fairy tale. ...