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It Takes a Hero
Avon, Apr 2004, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0060549300 With Napoleon out of commission, the year 1817 may be a very cheerful upbeat season for the Ton, but the debutants declare a marital revolution to the shock of their mothers. The young ladies refuse to marry, emulating their heroine Miss Darby, literary star of four action adventure novels. Feeling desperate, the aristocratic matrons hire war hero Raphael Danvers to confront the author with exposur...
One Night of Passion
Avon, Jul 2002, 5.99, 377 pp. ISBN 0380820897 Her guardian whom she has never met signs the document that forces his ward Georgiana Escott to marry a vile old geezer. However, before they wed, her fiancÚ requires proof that he is marrying a virgin so he hires a physician to examine Georgiana. The night before her nuptial physical, Georgie visits the infamous Cyprian's Ball to insure she fails the test. Branded a traitor, former navy hero Co...
Something about Emmaline
Avon, Feb 2005, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0060549319 In 1801 every male in the Ton envies Baron Sedgewick, Alexander Denford, for having the perfect wife. His compliant spouse Emmaline makes no demands on Alex and even allows him to gamble and have affairs while she rusticates. She is such a paragon to the jealous men, but only Alex knows that Emmaline does not exist; he made up this ideal woman to keep matchmakers and mamas away from him. His bel...
Stealing the Bride
Avon, Jul 2003, 5.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0380820900 In 1809 England most of the Ton considers twenty-nine years old Lady Diana Fordham as a spinster with no chance of marrying. Her peers have shelved her, but her enormous dowry makes Diana still a fine catch for anyone short in the pockets. However, Diana does not want a spouse, as her heart was broken years ago by a man she still loves. Her father frantically announces that a rogue has kidnappe...

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This Rake of Mine
Miranda Mabberly, a rich London heiress, is poised to marry the rich and title Lord Oxley. Although Miranda is repulsed at her betrothal to Lord Oxley, Miranda's wealthy parents regard the upcoming marriage as an entree into society. Fate intervenes when playboy Lord Jack Tremont plants a kiss on Miranda during a night out at the opera in full view of the society mavens. Having mistaken Miranda for his mistress, Jack has unknowingly plunged himself an...

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