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But Inside I'm Screaming
Mira, Sep 2003, 12.95 ISBN: 1551667274 In NYC, Isabel Murphy is a rising anchorwoman at the American News Network (ANN). However, voices in her head keep telling her that her family feels she is worthless and her catastrophic marriage adds to her lack of confidence and emotional belief that her parents are right when they call her a disappointing failure. Isabel has a chance to prove otherwise when she is the only newsperson at the station wh...
Me & Emma
Carrie and Emma are sisters crucial to each other's survival in a volatile family. After their father is brutally murdered, their mother is plunged into a depression she never fully recovers from. During the following weeks and months, Carrie and Emma learn to rely on each other in their neglectful home. Their mother finally emerges from her darkened bedroom to a stark reality. She meets and marries Richard, an abusive, alcoholic who only...