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North and South
When her father has a crisis of faith and leave his position as a cleric in scenic southern England, Margaret and her tempestuous mother are moved to England's industrial north, where she must somehow find a way to survive. Her progess is hindered by the presence of Mr. Thornton, a factory owner who seeks to become a "gentleman" in order to win Margaret's affections and his mother, a money-grubbing cow who sees Margaret as a penniless hindrace to her so...
The Life of Charlotte Bronte
Mrs. Gaskell's book is the first biography written of Charlotte Bronte. Having the advantage of knowing the author and the problems facing a woman writer in the 19th century, Mrs. Gaskell painted the picture of a benevolent homebody who seems to have written in her spare time. She spends a lot of time describing the isolated Yorkshire moors where Charlotte grew up and the effects of the dominating human males in her family and their melancholy disposi...
Wives and Daughters
Molly Gibson is the much loved daughter of a widowed town doctor. The doctor wishing companionship and a mother figure for his daughter married Hyacinth. Molly resents her step mother but becomes fast friends with the supercilious daughter Cynthia. Cynthia is secretly engaged to Mr. Preston a rogue who worked for the house of Lord Cumnor, where Hyacinth had been previously employed as a governess. Close friends of the doctors are Squire Hamley and ...