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Elizabeth Gilbert Message Board 1/1/2012
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Eat, Pray, Love
Elizabeth Gilbert is a successful New York journalist. At 31, she no longer wants to be married, doesn't want to have a baby, and doesn't want a big house in the suburbs. While enduring a long and bitter divorce, she rebounds into a romance with a guy like her dad. Confused and distressed, she decides to go on a sabbatical through Italy, India, and Indonesia on an advance she gets to write a book about her journey. In Italy, she gains 25 pounds...
The Signature of All Things
This is the story of a woman who dedicates her entire life to science and the study of moss colonies and arrives at some very important conclusions by the age of eighty. In “The Signature of All Things”, Elizabeth Gilbert tells the story of the wealthiest family in Philadelphia, the Whittakers. The year is 1800 and Henry Whittaker's daughter, Alma, is about to be born. Henry owns a huge estate and he practically runs an empire. He is a passionate botanis...