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Destiny: Child of the Sky
Tor, Aug 2001, 27.95, 556 pp. ISBN: 0312867506 The final battle between F'Dor and the triad that leads the opposition (Rhapsody, Achmed, and Grunthor) seems eminent. Though the intrepid trio has defeated F'Dor in the recent past, history cannot guarantee final victory. Grunthor trains his army for the omega confrontation while Rhapsody and Achmed search the countryside for F'Dor's “children” to perhaps enable a backdoor to the malevolent be...
Elegy for a Lost Star
Tor, August 2004 24.95, 317 pp. ISBN: 0312878834 Rhapsody and her half-dragon husband Ashe are enjoying the quiet serenity of married life. Both are elated that she is carrying his child and look forward to raising kids together. The calm has allowed their allies King Achmed and Grunthor to make progress on restoring the kingdom of Ylorc. Finally, they celebrate that their ward Gwydion has become an adult. But vengeance is in the air. Assa...
Prophecy: Child of Earth
Continuation of "Rhapsody." Rhapsody, Achmed and Grunthor return in their hunt for the F'dor. Along the way, they discover further clues to prophecy of the three. And best of all, we find the true identity of Ashe, the mysterious hooded stranger. Well written romance/fantasy. Specatacular series....
Requiem for the Sun
Tor, Sept 2002, 27.95, 480 pp. ISBN: 0312878842 After all the battles, adventures and trials Rhapsody the singer, Achmed the Firbolg king, and Grunthor his Sergeant-Major have gone through, they are now at peace with themselves and the world around them. Achmed and Grunthor are rebuilding the once mighty civilization in the ruins of Ylorc. Rhapsody and her husband Ashe, who is part human and part dragon, are the titular rulers of the loosely fe...

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Emily is a young farm girl on an island named Serein. A young man from the distant future is magically placed in her village by Meridian, a man who can control the threads of time to a limited extent. The young man and Emily meet at a dance and fall in love. They then, go on a walk and consummmate their marriage. Emily invites the young man to her birthday the next day. When he doesn't show up, she feels betrayed, but really Meridian had moved him back t...

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