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Back to the Divide
Felix is a fourteen year old boy who lives in London with his mother and father. Shortly after returning from an adventure in a world reached by crossing the Continental Divide, Felix encounters Snakeweed, a villianous pixie from the world over the divide who wants to steal Felix's spell used to cross the divide. Snakeweed turns Felix's parents to marble to persuade Felix to give him the spell. Felix soon realizes that anything living that touches his...
The Divide
Felix is a young boy from our world who has a bad heart condition. He isn't expected to live much longer, so when his parents take him on a trip to Costa Rica over the summer, he assumes this will probably be one of his last chances to enjoy himself. But when he steps over the Divide, where the water that runs down to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans separate, he falls into a different world where it's possible that he could find a cure to his disease. ...