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Song in the Silence
A young horse farmer, Lanen, has dreamed of dragons all her life. When the man she has always thought to be her father dies, she sets out into the west to find the Dragon Isle where the True Dragons are supposed to live. On her journey she encounters new friends and foes like her real father, who is plotting against her to gain immense power and riches. Reaching the Dragon Isle she meets Akor, a glorious silver dragon. They fall utterly in love with ...
The Lesser Kindred
Tor, Dec 2000,368 pp. ISBN: 0312890664 In her quest to find the mythical great dragons, Lanen Kaelar found love (see SONG IN THE SILENCE). Lanen and her beloved Varien, a great dragon in human clothing, are married and bound even closer by the Truespeech or Farspeech (brain to brain communication without the middle “man” the voice) depending in which species' vernacular one uses. Life should be ideal for the couple, but alas evil stil...