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Dancers of Arun
Kerris does not fit in at Tornor Keep and he never really has, but he has no where else to go. After all, who else would want a one-armed boy who has an alarming tendency to have fits at any give time or place. The only skill that Kerris has is that of a scribe. He has spent a great about of time developing this skill in the hope that one day he will be hired at a rich house and spend time writing and reading. But all of his dreams change when his ol...
Dragon's Treasure
Elizabeth A Lynn Ace, Sept 2004, 23.95 336 pp. ISBN 0441011969 The Crimson Dragon Karadur Atani rules Dragon Keep with a fair and even hand. The peasants respect him because they know peace in a world at war and believe he can keep his dragon side under control so no innocents gets hurt. A bandit family lives on his lands. When they kill a farmer he burns them and their house out of existence except for their leader Treion and one of his friends...