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Chivalrous Rake
Jack Hamilton is in bed, alone, and suffering from a broken collar bone. In addition to the fact that it hurts, he is also quite frustrated to find that many of his planned activities must be cancelled, just at the beginning of hunting season. Unexpectedly, his distant cousin, with whom he has not spoken in 25 or years or so, unexpectedly arrives with his beautiful, unmarried and sassy daughter. Due to some unfortunate circumstances involving a man wh...
His Lady Mistress
Verity met Max on the worst night of her life and she remembered his kindness, but when they meet again, he takes her as a servant, invites her to be his mistress and then is angered when he realizes she is not a servant and he must marry her because they slept together. When Verity Scott first met Max, she was just 15 years old and her father was being buried. She watched his body being transported and at first disliked both men, until she realized that...
The Dutiful Rake
Harlequin, Jul 2004, 5.50 ISBN: 0373293127 His sister and his aunt rage at Marcus Langley, insisting that the thirty-five year old rake marry and have a son so that the line can continue. The angry Duke knows he needs a spouse, but detests the pushy interference of his relatives. He scares them by showing interest in a loose widow. Marcus travels to his newest estate that he inherited from a penny-pinching great uncle. He is shocked to see ...