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More, Now Again
Elizabeth Wurtzel is a woman in her late twenties to thirties. She is a succesful writer having just finished her first noevl 'Prozac Nation'. Struggeling with depression as a young child, she has had a life full of up's and downs. This book is about her life during the time of her writing her second novel and all the struggle she faces during this period. She has been proscribed 'Ritlin' by her Doctor as a way to help her cope with her depression and co...
Prozac Nation
Elizabeth Wurtzel details her struggle with depression starting from early adolesence and continuing throughout college and beyond. She speaks of a great force outside of herself, a "black wave," that takes over her being and immobilizes her during a time when we as a society were first beginning to understand depression as a mental illness. In attempts to get her emotions under control, Wurtzel describes her journey through therapy, self-medication wi...