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Search for the Sun
Donal Yorkson, a rookie cop in the science fiction city of Gardon, is called on to solve the murder of Princess Lyda. Untangling a web of clues leads him to the Advocates of Sefron and home again where he is betrayed by one he trusts. Why Lyda was killed and her son (the queen's grandson) was not is at the core of this Eppie award-winning mystery. ...
The Price of the Samaritan
Two races facing extinction. Can they save each other? And who will pay the price of the Samaritan? Kyle Bonar, an anthropologist on a Starborn generation ship, spearheads the movement to save the primitive Kalryn from their dying world. When a Kalryn leader steals his future wife and kills most of the landing party, Kyle discovers who must pay the price. ...