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Designer Knockoff
Lacey Smithsonian wants to be a serious journalist, but she is stuck writing a fashion column for a third rate newspaper in Washington D.C. When she learns that a new fashion museum will soon open in D.C. she decides to cover the story. The museum is being financially supported by legandary designer Hugh Bently, and when Bently spots Lacey wearing some of his clothing, he invites her to lunch. While talking to Hugh, Lacey learns of a seamstress in one of...
Killer Hair
The main character, Lacey, is a serious journalist stuck writing a fashion review. When her hair dresser is murdered, the victims coworkers look to Lacey to solve the case before the killer strikes again.With no apparent motive and no shortage of shadey characters Lacey has plenty of suspects for this bizzare murder. While both her incredible sense of style and her sexy ex come in handy it's her quick wit that gives Lacey the edge she'll need to solve th...