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I Never Held You
I Never Held You by Ellen DuBois Published by DLSIJ Press Copyright March 2002 Genre:non-fiction ISBN:1-928973-94-9 A touching journey through pain and loss to healing and acceptance. In I Never Held You, Ellen DuBois shares the sad tale of her own miscarriage and the emptiness that followed. Ms. DuBois describes what happened during her pregnancy, the miscarriage and the reactions of those around her. She explains how she worked though the self...
Jackie's Heart
Jackie DuPont thought life was over when she lost her husband. Little did she know of the pain and joys that were to come. Lost in a world of sleepless nights and lonely days, Jackie finds she's pregnant with her late husband's child. How can she be a mother when simply getting out of bed is a struggle? Add to it a rape by a prominent attorney where she's left for dead and we wonder, how much can Jackie's heart take? Life seems to think more-when the hea...