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Figgs & Phantoms
Mona Lisa Figg Newton is an overweight, lonely, and cynical teenager. She hates her family, who, even though they have the best intentions, are just too 'weird' for her. Many years ago, before Mona was born, they were ex circus freaks, and they still act in the unusual ways, much to Mona's embarassment. There's Sissie, Mona's mother, who constantly tap dances, Newton, a used car dealer, "who always manages to lose money in every car deal he makes.", and ...
The Westing Game
It arrives in a clean white envelope from the sixty-two year old delivery boy. Strange!? The main character opens the envolope and remove and single sheet of paper saing he are one of sixteen heirs. Not just an heir but and heir to the entire fourtune of Samuel Westing's factory. This is not a normal legal battle. This is a game, the Westing Game. The main character's task is simple, to find the murder. Once the character wins then he splits a cool t...