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On a Night Like This
Warner, Jan 2004, 23.95 ISBN: 0446531413 In San Francisco, Blair Clemens works as a chef while raising her teenaged daughter Amanda by herself. The two female Clemens are best friends, resulting in neither having pals their age. Blair is contented with her life mostly because of Amanda. However, her harmonious life collapses when Blair learns that she is dying from melanoma for she fears for her cherished daughter. Since his wife Emily dese...
The Paradise Guest House
Jamie returns to Bali on the one year anniversary of nightclub bombing where she was nearly killed. Jamie survives a terrorist bombing at a Bali nightclub and returns on the one year anniversary. She had been on assignment as a “Great Adventure” tour guide. She decides to return under the guise of a ceremony honoring those killed. Her real intention is to find and thank Gabe, the man who rescued her after she helped injured people when the terrorist at...