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Golden Goblet
The main character's name is Ranofer. His parents died and he lives with his brother. He fights with his brother, who has a secret....
Mara: Daughter of the Nile
Mara, a blue-eyed slave girl in ancient Egypt, is sold by her brutal master to a mysterious stranger. This new master unexpectedly offers her freedom and riches, but demands she complete a task that may cost her life. Mara is determined to grasp this chance, and agrees to the bargain. During her activities, she meets suave Sheftu on a river barge. Mara's friendship with him deepens into something more, and her loyalties are divided. Should Mara follow he...
The Golden Goblet
The name of the main character is Ranofer. His father had just died a few months ago and he is forced to live with his cruel step-brother, Gebu.Ranofer hates Gebu. He gets whipped everyday for simple mistakes he makes and is held back from becoming what he has always wanted to be, a goldsmith, like his father. He wants to be apprenticed by Zau, the greatest goldsmith ever but Gebu thinks the fee is too pricey and refuses to pay.He sets out to prove his b...
The Moccasin Trail
A white boy named Jim runs away from home at the age of nine. He misses his mom but is afraid to go home for fear of punishment. He survives in the wilderness for two years but shoots a bear, is hurt, and almost dies. He wakes up three days later and is taken care of by Crow Indians. He runs away from them a 6 years later when a Crow Indian proudly shows off a white man's scalp. He hears his family is trying to find him and needs help. He finds hi...

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