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Mrs. Jefferies Pleads Her Case
Berkley, April 2003, 5.99, 208 pp. ISBN 0425189473 His peers admire him; his subordinates emulate him; His superiors think that he is the perfect policeman in Scotland Yard. Very few people have any inkling that his servants, who adore him, use their connections and their wits to help Inspector Witherspoon solve his homicide cases. The housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries uses guile and flattery to subtly direct the investigation. Aside from helping th...
Mrs. Jeffries Stalks the Hunter
Berkley, Oct 2004, 5.99, 215 pp. ISBN: 0425198855 In Victorian England, Sir Edmund Leggett is so in debt he is marrying heiress Beatrice Parkingtom for her money. A woman stalks Edmund hanging outside his home every day and follows him wherever he goes. Afraid that his cash cow will not marry him if she learns about the stalker, Edmund announces their engagement at a society gala so she cannot dump him. Later a drunken Edmund heads home; someo...
Mrs. Jeffries Sweeps the Chimney
Berkley, Jan 2004, 5.93, 215 pp. ISBN 0425193918 Scotland Yard's Inspector Witherspoon is wealthy; lives in a luxurious townhouse in London, and his peers respect him and are in awe of his talent of always solving homicide cases assigned to him. People, including the inspector don't realize that his household staff, who care and love him and love being in on the chase, help him find the clues that will lead him to the killer. His latest case ...