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Night Train to Lisbon
Carson Weatherall is embarking on the first real adventure of her life. It's 1936 and the wealthy young American woman is spending the summer with her aunt and uncle in a Portuguese villa, after a tour of the continent. She has just decided she isn't very adventurous after all, when she meets Alec Breve, a young British scientist, aboard the train to Lisbon. The two fall in love, and spend most her stay involved in a blissful love affair. As the trip c...
The Fountain
Morrow, Aug 2001, 21.00, 199 pp. ISBN: 0060184868 Two decades ago in New York, Will Combrey simply vanished while his teenage fiancee Casey Stowe lovingly waited for him at the altar. Not long afterward, Casey's parents die in an accident. Distraught, she marries Michael Beckett, her next door neighbor. He was her neighbor since she was born and his parents are delighted with their marriage plans and hers folks would have been ecstatic as w...
The Observatory
Liz Mallory had a quiet, uneventful life as the head librarian for the small library in her small hometown. She had something else too a twin sister who looked like her but with whom she had little else in common. Harper Mallory was beautiful, headstrong, and had become a famous artist in New York City. Liz was used to seeing fortune smile on Harper, so when Harper's 8-year-old daughter is suddenly killed, it is as much a surprise to Liz as it is to...
Waterloo Station
Morrow, Apr 2003, 21.95, 208 pp. ISBN: 0060013974 In 1938, young American Maude Latham leaves her home in Longwood, New York to attend classes at prestigious Oxford University. As Maude adapts to life in England, she realizes that her tutors treat her as a second class citizen or worse because of her gender. That changes when twenty-seven year Stephen Kendall replaces an ailing professor as Maude's tutor on the romantic poets. As they go ov...

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