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Five-year-old Jack was born in a room where his mother's kidnapper keeps them and eventually discovers there is a real world beyond those four walls. This novel is told from the perspective of a five-year old and “Room” refers to the only world in which he is familiar. His mother had been kidnapped and placed in a secure “box” where no one can hear her screams. Her kidnapper rapes her whenever he wishes and she eventually gets pregnant and gives birth to...
Mary Saunders grew up dirt poor in London of the mid-1700s. In the midst of her poverty, she longs for nice things--particularly fine clothes. Her strong desire for a piece of red ribbon leads her into prostitution. After a brief, rough period alone, she meets and is taken in by an experienced prostitute, Doll. The time they share together is basically fun for Mary, who earns money to buy all the clothes she wants. But when Doll gets sick, with ...
Maria is an Irish teenager who heads off to the university in Dublin from her small town without much of a concept of who she is or what she wants. She finds a housing situation with two older roommates, one of whom (Ruth) takes on the role of a mother/older sister/mentor, while the other (Jael) is more unpredictable and harder to get along with. The story is basically about Maria's relationships as she tries to define herself to herself and others. S...

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