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A Grand Design
The Marquess of Tregaron returns to London after eight years of self imposed exile. His unfaithful wife was killed when she fell from the balcony of his London house and it was whispered that he had pushed her. To get rid of the memories of that bad marriage and to prepare for a new wife, Tregaron employs the firm of Buchanan and Buchanan, relatively unknown Scottish architects, to completely remake the house. Tregaron finds himself fascinated with ...
Best Laid Schemes
The practical, fastidious Rome Tarquin has finally decided that it's time to get married. By careful process of elimination, he has narrowed the field to three beautiful women, who are invited to his house party for the final decision. However, Tarquin's fun-loving mother has invited her long-time friend Lady Leverham, and her niece, Sibyl, as well. In keeping with her family tradition, Sibyl tried desperately to be fanciful and romantic, in contras...
Nathan Paget, Marquess of Oriel, left the wars against Napoleon after he was badly injured in an explosion which killed his best friend. He has remained a recluse on his estates and there are whispers that he is mad. But the spy master who employed him wants Nathan to go to London to figure out who is killing an elite group of English spies. Isobel MacLeod's father had been working as Nathan's secretary until, in a moment of weakness, he stole a bag...
Gabriel Louden, Earl of Rievaulx, is sent to reveal the person living on the Isle of Skye in Scotland who is spying for Napoleon. He agrees to go because he needs to redeem himself after allowing vital information to be stolen by a prostitute who distracted him during a tryst. His best friend's wife is from Skye and he uses a visit to her family as cover for his own investigations. His host's daughter is Margaret MacLeod, who is not only beautiful...

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Ivy, Jan 2002, 6.99 ISBN: 0804119562 Viscount Trevor Robard, grew up abused by a nasty father who not only left the man with physical and mental scars, he wasted the family estate so that the St. Wulfson heritage is one of decay and depradation. Trevor relishes his seedy reputation among the Ton as “Sin” though he also performs the dirty deeds for his country including assassination. The Widow Nell Nolan, former mistress to the late L...

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