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A Dark Wyoming Wind
Wings ePress Inc. ISBN 1-59088-069-2 (Electronic version) ISBN 1-59088-949-5 (Tradebook version) A DARK WYOMING WIND --by Emma Kennedy-- Back Cover Blurb: Daniel Chase-Meyers II leaves Wyoming State Penitentiary a tormented man who wants only to regain his humanity. In Cheyenne he meets hard-working Jeremi Kruger whose liquid silver eyes offer acceptance and the promise of salvation. He doesn't realize his efforts to rescue her art galler...
Allude to Murder
Novel Books Inc. January 2002. E-book format ISBN: 1-931696-17-9. Tradebook format ISBN: 1-931696-82-9. ALLUDE TO MURDER by Emma Kennedy Blurb: After gutsy American teacher, Lindsay Forester, saves the life of a young Turkish man in Berlin, she ends up hiding the antique Eastern Orthodox icon he took off a dead Serb agent. Jahvet Kahveci, the young Turk's older brother, meets Lindsay and disregards her wariness of his dark and enigmatic ...