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Between You And Me
Logan has lived with a hole in her heart as big as Texas ever since she and her cousin Kelsey were separated as girls. Ugly family business and a drive to keep secrets from becoming public knowledge are the catalyst. While Kelsey was pushed into childhood fame, Logan has been trying to find her path oh her own without an inkling of understanding as to why she lost her best friend. The blame falls on Kelsey's parents who saw dollar signs behind Logan's t...
The Nanny Diaries
Nanny is a girl trying to make extra cash as a child-caretaker for the rich families of Park Avenue, New York City. She learns that the job isn't as easy as the average 9 to 5 job though. The anal parents of the child are selfish, inconsiderate, and paranoid, and adhere to strange moral and ethical standards when it comes to raising a child. Nanny has to deal with a psychotic mother, a philandering father, and the difficulties of raising a sane child ...