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Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl is searching for his father intensively because he recieved an email from the Russian Mafiya when he encounters Captain Holly Short. The People (fairies, pixies, goblins, etc.) are holding Artemis responsible for the ilegal trading between the People and the humans. But, he didn't do it. He decides that he will only help them if they help him find his father. They are well aware he may doublecross him, but they agree to help. Their main...
Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
Artemis Fowl is back-without his memory though, with a evil mastermind out to kill him. At the beginning of the book, Artemis is trying to steal a priceless painting of a fairy thief.. Opal Koboi is back and she wants revenge for defeating her last time. She is on the warpath and will kill anyone who stands in her way. Her trusty henchmen, twin fairies, are there to help her with whatever she needs. Artemis on the other hand has nobody except his bo...
The Eternity Code - Artemis Fowl Book 3
This is the third Artemis Fowl book. Artemis Fowl is a teenage criminal mastermind. However, his father will soon be coming back home, which means that Artemis will have to quit his criminal activities. Before he does this, he decides he has time for one more adventure, something that may restore the Fowl family fortune. He has created the C Cube, a powerful computer based on fairy technology. He plans on making a deal with a businessman named Jon S...
The Wish List
A young girl, Meg gets caught up in a robbery she didn't want to participate in. Her accomplice, while joking around, accidentally shoots a gas tank. Both characters die. Meg finds in the afterlife she is in limbo, both good and bad. She must travel back to earth to right her wrongs, and her accomplice is sent to earth from Hell to stop her....

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