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A Coffin for Dimitrios
Charles Latimer is a mild, agreeable, former British professor who left academia to become a modestly successful writer of detective stories. While vacationing in Turkey in the 1930's, he meets Colonel Haki, an important official in the Turkish police, and a serious fan of Latimer's novels. At first, Haki would like to supply mediocre plots for Latimer's next book, but eventually the conversation turns to real criminals that Haki has known, particularl...
Cause for Alarm
The main character gets a job making machines that manufacture shells in Italy during fascist rule in the 1930's after his predessesor is killed in suspicious circumstances. He is approached by a general claiming to be working for the Yugoslavian government but he is actually a German who wants to use him as a spy. He then inadvertantly ends up working for a Soviet spy and has to flee from the Italian secret police....
Epitaph for a Spy
In a French village near the Riviera, on the eve of World War II, mild-mannered teacher Josef Vadassy stops to pick up his vacation photos. Before he can admire the fruits of his favorite hobby, he is promptly arrested for espionage. It seems Vadassy captured some secret battlements on film without knowing it. The enigmatic police interrogator offers the dumbfounded Vadassy a deal: spy on his fellow hotel guests. If the real villain in unmasked, the t...