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A modern American mining town is sent back in time to the Middle Ages. A circular area, encompassing the town of Grantville, West Virginia, is transported to another place and time. When Mike Stearns, the head of the local miners' union, and some of the others go out to size up their situation, they end up rescuing two Jews, the learned physician and part-time spy Balthazar Abrabanel and his beautiful daughter Rebecca, fleeing from a band of roving merce...
Mike Stearns and his band of Americans transported back to 17th century Germany are back, this time fighting against sinister Cardinal Richelieu of France and his alliance of England and Spain. President Mike must deal with many domestic issues as well as fight along side Gustavus Adolphus, king of Sweden, for the survival of his people. While Mike is governing the new United States, his wife Rebecca must try to convince the nobility of Europe to ally ...
The Philosophical Strangler
Baen, May 2001, 24.00, 342 pp. ISBN: 0671319868 Anyone who knows anything about professional assassins knows that Greyboar is usually the best at the trade. However, if the intended victim can engage Greyboar in his passion, not sex but philosophical discussion and debate, the target might survive in a Sherherazade type of way. Like any pro, Greyboar has an agent Ignace and he hopes a significant other in the nearsighted swordswoman C...