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Halo: First Strike
This sequel to both the Halo game and Halo: The Flood, details the events following the destruction of the ancient artifact called Halo. It begins on the planet Reach, which has been attacked and taken by the alien Covenant. Their usual method of conquest is "glassing" the entire world, but on Reach they don't quite finish the job: there is a section they need intact and captured. It is here, in the "Castle", that several Spartan-II soldiers, enhance...
Halo: The Fall of Reach
On the planet Reach, a huge secret lays hidden within the military base. Kidnapped young girls and boys are brutally trained to be the strongest, fastest, and most intelligent humans. The future depends on them as the super soldiers, or the SPARTANS. The story focuses mainly on a particular boy named John. Competitive, strong, and smart, he quickly strives to be the best in the training camp. Although only seven or eight years old, the childre...
Signal to Noise
A cyberpunk trip not for the weak of heart or intellect. It's a techno-filled future where everyone is implanted with links to a sensory-virtual Internet. Our hero is a brilliant but bewildered academic who discovers a way to communicate with an alien, barters for technologic information, and gets caught up in international intrigue, corporate boardroom politics, and good-old-fashioned gun battles and chases....