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Mistress of the Pearl
Tor, Mar 2004, 27.95, 588 pp. ISBN: 0312872372 Though they have pretty much conquered the planet Kundala after a century plus of resistance, the victorious aliens V'ornn remain in combat with the locals. The natives believe their messiah, the “Dar Sala-at” will save them. The Kundalan belief that their legendary savior will help them overthrow the V'ornn invaders has lifted the spirits of the natives and helped them resist the intruders. The...
The Bourne Legacy
Jason Bourne again becomes a rogue agent. In responding to a call from his former agency head and good friend, he finds his friend and a companion murdered. The immediate sound of approaching police makes him aware that he was deliberately set up for these murders. In an attempt to exconerate himself from the false accusation and to avenge the murder of his friend, he must find out why they were murdered. This proves an overwhelming task as he...
The Ring Of Five Dragons
One of the signs of a great writer is the ability to write something totally different from what you are familar with.Lustbader the man who wrote so thrilling Nicholas Linnear ninja books returns to fantasy in this lavish epic fantasy series called the Pearl. He takes us to the world of Kundalan where it's inhabitants have been enslaved for over a century by the brutal offworld empire of the V'ornn.The Kundalan people who use traditional sorcery and reli...