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All Quiet on the Western Front (Literature)
Betrayed by elders in their ignorance of war, and forced to grow up in the midsts of a brutal and horrific war, Paul Baumer - the main character - enlists in World War 1. Slowly the war de-programs his analytical mind to be a mere killing machine and dehumanizes him to the point of him being a part of the lost generation that this war created. He witnesses hundreds of gory scenes and deaths of friends and comes to the realization of the futility of war. ...
All Quiet on the Western Front (Thriller/Action)
The story, All Quiet on the Western Front, begins with the men in the German Army receiving double rations due to a miscalculation. As the story progresses, it tells of several soldiers who died, such as Joseph Behm and Kemmerich. The narrator, Paul, has many flashbacks, in which he reminisces about Kantorek, his schoolteacher, and his life at home. Kantorek is the one who persuaded the boys in his class to join the Army. Paul is wounded, and is sent...
Spark of Life
509 is a political prisoner in a German concentration camp during the closing months of World War Two. As the allies come closer to liberating the camp, 509 must inspire his fellow inmates to not give up hope. For 509 it is not just a question of staying alive, but of staying human. This is a wonderful book about the triumph of the human spirit....

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